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Financial Benefits of Solar Power

Installation of a solar photovoltaic system with Denali Solar is a good financial move no matter how you cut it. A well installed PV solar system should well outlast the module manufacturer’s warranty which is generally 25 years, and may even extend the life of the roof below it and offer some savings in heating costs due to the roof’s lower capacity for thermal gain once the modules have been installed at your residents. PV systems are very well insulated from weather elements and most components have no moving parts.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

In addition to investigating the financial return on a solar PV system, it is also important to investigate the energy, or carbon return. By installing a PV System with Denali Solar you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing the natural and abundant light-energy provided by the sun every day. Other alternative fuels offer benefits,  but no other fuel currently available in mass quantity to ordinary consumers is as clean as the electricity generated by solar photovoltaic cells. Modern solar panels have an energy payback point of less than 10 months.

A 5.8 kW system consisting of 35 modules and 1 inverter would offset the following items over its warranted lifetime:

  • 386,880 lbs of CO2, the leading greenhouse gas
  • 1,242 lbs of NOX, which creates smog
  • 1,124 lbs of SO2, which causes acid rain
  • 76 lbs of particulates that cause asthma
  • 629,492 miles driven in an average car, or 25,180 miles per year

It would be like taking 2 cars off the road for 25 years or planting 3.3 acres of trees.